+ Compare Validation Level No. Of Domains Great For Year Plan Price ORDER
PositiveSSL Domain (DV) Single Domain Personal Websites One year ৳1000 Order Now
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Domain (DV) Multi-Domain E-commerce One year ৳3000 Order Now
EV SSL Extended(DV)-Greenbar Single Domain E-commerce One year ৳10,000 Order Now
EV Multi-Domain SSL Extended(DV)-Greenbar Multi Domain Businesses One year ৳25,000 Order Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Only EV certificates provide green bar. Some, but not all, multi-domain certificates are EV, so be sure to check before you buy.

Comodo PositiveSSL is the cheapest solution if you wish to secure an admin page or mail server, or to install a trusted service certificate for cPanel/WHM or another content management system. PositiveSSL is a domain validation certificate and can usually be issued within 15 minutes.

Usually, SSL certificate installation requires a dedicated IP address to be assigned to your domain name. However, servers using SNI technology allow you to install an SSL Certificate on a shared IP without ordering a dedicated one. Check with your hosting company to see if they offer SNI technology on your server..

Unfortunately, some TLDs might not be supported by the Certificate Authority. These include mainly TLDs of the countries banned by the Certificate Authority. The list of banned countries includes, but is not limited to: Afghanistan, Cte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Eritrea, Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, and Zimbabwe.If your TLD belongs to any of the countries listed above, we recommend looking for a Certificate Authority within your region. Your TLD also might not be supported if it is one of the newly created TLDs and therefore has not yet been added to the Certificate Authority's list of accepted TLDs.