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Domain 1 Year Transfer Renew ID Protection Domain Panel Access Order
.com ৳1200 ৳$1200 ৳1200 ৳600 yes Buy Now
.net ৳1500 ৳$1500 ৳2000 ৳600 yes Buy Now
.org ৳1700 ৳$1700 ৳1700 ৳600 yes Buy Now
.info ৳2500 ৳$2500 ৳3100 ৳600 yes Buy Now ৳1000 ৳1000 ৳1000 No yes Buy Now ৳1000 ৳1000 ৳1000 No yes Buy Now
.news ৳3500 ৳3500 ৳3500 ৳600 yes Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

No. All domain extensions are considered equal in the eyes of Google. There is no automatic preference given to a .com domain. Where you do need to be careful, however, is to not register an alternate domain if the .com is taken by a large company. This can hurt your search results and also open you up to a potential trademark battle.

Yes. Registering a domain extension reserves it so that no one else can use it. So if you've got, you might be wise to also register and (and redirect them back to your correct site) in order to avoid confusion and keep your visitors coming to your site.

Anyone can register a domain. All you need is a good name, an account with Webskrill, and an acceptable form of payment.

In some instances, the domain you want may already be registered by someone else. The owner may, however, be willing to sell it to you for a negotiated price. By selecting "make offer" on these domains, you'll be able to connect with the current domain owner and make an offer. This service is provided by our partners.

In order to register any domain, you must provide certain personal information that you may not wish to be publically searchable in the Whois database. Signing up for WhoisGuard is a great way to keep your registration data private. WhoisGuard acts as a "shield" for your searchable information, displaying the address, phone number, and email of the domain registrar (WebSkrill, e.g.) instead of your own. Keep in mind that WhoisGuard is an optional security add-on that must be renewed separately when you renew your domain.