Frequently Asked Questions

SMS marketing is a type of online based SMS (messaging) service. Through which messages can be sent using any mobile number or any name (as a message sender) in the world by accessing the website directly through the Internet or logging in with the user name and password using the software. That is, its special advantage is that through it, the user can send messages using any number or company name.

You can send SMS with your business name/without name. Can send schedule sms. You can send greeting SMS to your clients or customers on different days. You can send SMS to your clients or customers to give prices or offers on various products.Airlines, Travel and Tours owners can inform clients about Reservation Service / Travel Date Reminder / Schedule Changed Alert / Arrival Confirmation. Owners of Hospitals & Diagnostics Center can provide Report Delivery alert / Emergency Alert / Bill information. You can send SMS to deliver any product. You can send SMS regarding the opening or closing of your showroom, shop or office. You can pay invoice through SMS.You can send SMS to invite to any program or give other information. Benefit from as-needed balances with no hidden charges or annual fees, along with unlimited tenure and seamless customer service. You can send SMS in both Bengali and English language.

SMS marketing is a very simple marketing method. If you buy SMS marketing you will be given an account and an app on the website. If you wish, you can do SMS marketing very easily by logging in with your username and password on the website or by logging in with your username and password in the app.

Nowadays it is seen that when many people go to cash in Bikash or send money to Flexiload, they get an SMS from Bikash or Flexiload but there is no money in the balance because they sent you a fake SMS. So if you want to cash in Bikash or do Flexiload, leave the Bikash or Flexiload store after checking the balance after receiving the SMS.If you receive a malicious SMS from the mobile number of your close friend or girlfriend or someone you know, you should quickly call him back and explain the matter or make sure that it was done by someone out of enmity. Avoid giving your mobile number online or to strangers, already mobile companies are giving your number to many people for the sake of money marketing, from which your mobile phone keeps receiving spam messages.Lately it is seen that many people are messaging about winning prizes, "Send 500 taka to this development or bank, then you will win a prize of 1 lakh taka". Check with the company or mobile operator before receiving any such message. Many people use this service for extortion or any kind of crime which is not desirable at all.

You can easily buy online by contacting us or you can directly come to our office.

We have 3 different affordable price packages for customer convenience. From there you can take the package as per your convenience.

All types of social campaigns are possible through SMS marketing. However, no illegal, anti-government, anti-social, criminal propaganda can be done. If anyone mistakenly promotes illegal, anti-government, anti-social, criminal, the account will be banned immediately and JBD IT will not be liable in any way.